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Elephant Friends

Elephant Friends are members of the public who care about elephants.

We, the undersigned Elephant Friends stand by the sentiments expressed in The Elephant Charter and through our words and actions we endeavour to uphold its Principles.

As an Elephant Friend and in support of The Elephant Charter I wish to add my name a Signatory.

  First name Last name Position Country

    Total: 2924

  Dianne Webber Retired Canada
  Teresa plowright writer canada
  Debra Young retired United States
  Jan Chambers Mrs UK
  Manu S-M Social Worker Canada
  Aleksandra Grubin management consulting Serbian
  Heather Parsons Deli Assistant Australia
  Fanny Matheusen transitionpedagogue BelgiĆ«
  Mary Blatt MD United States
  Penny Howell Retired U.S.A.
  Isabelle Hansing RN USA
  Wim Martens Civil Servant Belgium
  Dawn Yoo psychologist United States
  Roberta Natoli impiegata amministrativa Italia
  Lynn Kinley Retired United States
  Susie White Mother, Advocate & Licensed Massage Therapist USA
  Eeva-Stiina Viljanen Student Finland
  Nancy Coughlin therapist US
  Nancy Greer-Williams Lead Researcher USA
  susan streitfeld filmmaker USA