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Elephant Biologists


Elephant Biologists are scientists whose profession involves or has involved the study of elephants.

We, the undersigned Elephant Biologists stand by the sentiments expressed in The Elephant Charter and through our words and actions we endeavour to uphold its Principles.

As an Elephant Biologist I wish to add my name as Signatory.

  First name Last name Position Country

    Total: 71

  Petter Petter Director, ElephantVoices Kenya
  Amanda Lombard Conservation Planner South Africa
  Simone Herzog Veterinarian Namibia
  Betty Kiralyi Former CEO African Elephant Trust South Africa
  Bobby MacMurray Retired USA
  Faith Hutson Serve Usa
  Amber Chase Health Information Management Peoria
  Susan Longley Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology United States
  Susan L. Andrew Retired Canada
  janelle martini scholar america