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Elephant Professionals


Elephant professionals are individuals whose profession involves or has involved the care, medical treatment, protection, conservation, legal defense of elephants, advocacy for elephants or education about elephants.

Individuals in this category may be policy makers, conservationists, park wardens, rangers, scouts, naturalists, guides, sanctuary and zoo employees, veterinarians, keepers, care-givers, mahouts, lawyers, filmmakers and photographers, and others, who in a professional capacity, feel they belong here

We, the undersigned Elephant Professionals stand by the sentiments expressed in The Elephant Charter and through our words and actions we endeavour to uphold its Principles.

As an Elephant Professional I wish to add my name as Signatory.

First name Last name Position Country
Kohrs Heinz Founding Trustee Space for Elephants Foundation South Africa
Pascoe Digs CEO, Space For Elephants Foundation South Africa
Granli Petter Executive Director/ Co-Founder, ElephantVoices Norway/USA/Kenya
Wijesinha Rohan Editor of Loris, Journal of the Wildlife & Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Anthonis Ravindralal Im past President WNPS of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Pieris Ranil Conservationist Sri Lanka
Watson Saty Conservationist Sri Lanka
Siriwardane Asoka Conservationist Sri Lanka
Abhayaratne Chandev Life Member, WNPS Sri Lanka
Luz Sonja Senior Veterinarian Singapore Zoological Gardens Singapore
Gumbiner Juli Member, Board of Directors Performing Animal Welfare Society USA
Kagan Ron Director, Detroit Zoological Society USA
Stroud Peter Independent Zoological Consultant Australia
Aja Douglas Wildlife sculptor USA
Hancocks David Former director, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle; Werribee Open Range Zoo, Australia; and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson. Australia
Kane Lisa Attorney United States
Zimmermann Debi Veterinarian, Zoologist, animal welfare advocate, wildlife artist and photographer Canada
Price Jude Office Manager, Elephant Advocate, Conservationist, Traveller Australia
Duncan Nicholas President, Save Foundation of Australia. Australia
Tolan Anna Director, Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (and orphaned animal rehabilitator) Zambia