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Elephant Friends

Elephant Friends are members of the public who care about elephants.

We, the undersigned Elephant Friends stand by the sentiments expressed in The Elephant Charter and through our words and actions we endeavour to uphold its Principles.

As an Elephant Friend and in support of The Elephant Charter I wish to add my name a Signatory.

  First name Last name Position Country

    Total: 3231

  Robert H. Feuchter Business partner. U.S.A.
  Melanie Vilcek Marketing Director United States
  Kathy Hart Business person USA
  Raven Hunter Nurse Australia
  Adrian Fernando banker Sri Lanka
  Barbara Whitaker Draftsman USA
  Aida Vellotti admire of elephants USA
  Amy Gorman fundraiser at The Taft School (admirer of elephants) USA
  Annelie Potgieter Tourism South Africa
  Linda Wolfe User trials Supervisor UK
  Ransimala Kuruppu Teacher Sri Lanka
  Jacqueline Shumpert In Home Caregiver United States
  Lorraine Rabie Animal rights protector and animal shelter volunteer. Currently corporate slave - with sights on being involved in protecting wildlife South Africa
  Betsy Seeton I'm an artist, writer, photographer and private investigator. I'm also an activist in small ways. I'm passionate about animal and human rights and I dearly hope my labor of love website inspires some much needed change. United States
  Randi McCorquodale Power/Steam Engineer Canada
  Jean-Marie Barbet Functional Analyst Belgium
  Dan Hart Wildlife Photographer USA
  Teresa Holloway Registered Nurse/Friend to elephants Canada
  Diane Edwards Hairdresser Usa
  Lauren Jetter Mental health counselor USA