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Elephant Friends

Elephant Friends are members of the public who care about elephants.

We, the undersigned Elephant Friends stand by the sentiments expressed in The Elephant Charter and through our words and actions we endeavour to uphold its Principles.

As an Elephant Friend and in support of The Elephant Charter I wish to add my name a Signatory.

  First name Last name Position Country

    Total: 3180

  Carol Archer-Marine Retired United States
  Francis Melvin Retired Attorney/Amateur Wildlife Photographer United States
  Dennis Fisher Retired USA
  Diana Simmonds Writer Australia
  Anura Jayasumana Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering US
  Jevto Dedijer Business Owner Sweden
  michael clemente Media founder United States
  Johanna Salamandra RN
  Lillie Thom Sales United States of America
  Karthik Vajjala Retired India
  Erika Miller Consultant United States
  Bonni Gumport volunteer USA
  Laura Stettner Ms. USA
  Jim Remley Retired United States
  Donna Merrifield Principal Broker, Real Estate United States
  edward forstein retired United States
  Lori Forstein retired United States
  Deb Sherman Retired USA
  Manoj Mehra Teacher United States
  Allan Maraynes Filmmaker USA